Voter Registration

The County Clerk is responsible for all voter registration activities in the county. There are more than 14,000 people registered to vote in Washington County. Citizens who would like to register to vote should come to the County Clerk’s Office in the Washington County Courthouse located at 102 North Missouri Street, Potosi, Missouri, to register, or call 573-438-6111 ext. *7705, to request a voter registration card by mail.  Citizens may also click on the voter registration form below, print the form and mail it to the above address.

Individuals conducting business with the Department of Revenue at the Potosi License Bureau or Division of Family Services may also request a voter registration form and register to vote at that time.  Citizens may not register at one of the above mentioned locations unless they are conducting other business there.  From time to time, the County Clerk conducts voter registration at locations outside the Washington County Courthouse at public events such as fairs and festivals.  These events are always publicized in the local newspaper and/or radio stations.

Please be advised that any time a voter moves from county to county or state to state, that voter will need to re-register to vote in his/her new county/state of residence. If a voter is already registered and moves to a new residence located in the same county, that voter will need to update his/her registration, preferably before election day.  The Application for Transfer of Registration form below should be completed to transfer registration from one location to another within Washington County.  This form may be copied, completed, and forwarded to the County Clerk at 102 N. Missouri Street, Potosi, Missouri 63664.  Citizens are also welcome to come to the County Clerk’s office at the above address to complete this form.

Voter Registration Form

Application for Transfer of Registration